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Our History

December 23 - The Birthday.

November 13 - IONA2 launch. The lightest portable PSA Dynamic Digital X-Ray detector.

2500+ digital Alpha- and Iona-based x-ray systems are functioning in patient care institutions and veterinary clinics around the globe, including Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, United States, Spain, France.

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Our Company

Since 1993 "Teleoptic" family of companies is one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises in design and production of science-intensive electronic equipment for acquiring, storing and processing of X-Ray images.

Currently, major efforts are focused on design / manufacturing / sales / service of digital x-ray receptors for medical, veterinary and NDT applications. The association includes more than 80 people with one Doctor of sciences and nine Ph.D.

Teleoptic provides solutions based on own patented PSA technology since 1996. PSA architecture combines optically coupled two-dimensional array of sensors with ultra-fast stitching algorithms for reconstructing images using redundant information from overlapping FoV of adjoining sensors. Unique automatic brightness calibration technique ensures precise temperature and parametric noises drifts compensation even for consecutive images series acquisitions. Dynamic imagers are the core components for state-of-the-art CBCT and tomosynthesis x-ray units. High sensitivity requirement increases the complexity and correspondingly the reliability of  dynamic detectors. Modular design is the key to serviceability and long lifetime of a digital system.

Nowadays 2500+ digital Alpha- and Iona-based X-Ray systems are functioning in patient care institutions and veterinary clinics around the globe.

Kyiv (November 11, 2015) – Teleoptic announced today
that the company launched the IONA2, the world's lightest PSA
(Photo-diode Sensors Array with Optical Coupling) dynamic digital
x-ray detector with improved robustness and reliability.