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With the rapid progress of IT in the field of medical information in recent years, digital detectors that can directly acquire x-ray images have been gaining popularity. Since 1996, Teleoptic has been marketing ALPHA and IONA digital detectors. Products have received high praise from numerous healthcare professionals due to excellent imaging capabilities, wide range of operational conditions, unlimited life-time and affordable cost of purchase and ownership comparing to flat-panel digital detectors.


Today, Teleoptic launched the first IONA2 detector (12×10 inches) that weighs just 4.3 kg and features excellent handling ability, making it the lightest PSA-enabled x-ray detector.

To meet market requests for mobility and higher reliability, Teleoptic reviewed the housing and component designs to develop the IONA2, which has approximately 25% of the height and 20% of the weight of conventional IONA family detectors.

The use of high-capacity built-in battery allows to take over 200 images. This provides stress-free operating environment eliminating the need to carry and replace or frequent recharge of the battery.

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