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"Alpha" and "Iona" series of digital receptors 

"Alpha" and "Iona" series of digital receptors are based on the multi-sensors array technology, which assumes x-ray photons indirect conversion into the video signals by means of multiple optically-coupled sensors with overlapping fields of view. The technology is patented in Ukraine, Russia, US, EU and other countries.

Intensifying screen (GadOX or CsI) located in receptor's optical unit is converting the incoming x-rays into the visible light, which is further being simultaneously accumulated in the dozens of video sensors. Each of the sensors observes relatively small field of view at the intensifying screen, thus ensuring high-resolution image acquisition. The larger the amount of video sensors installed in the optical unit, the higher spatial resolution of the diagnostic images is provided by the receptor. Patented stitching algorithms application allows performing whole image reconstruction without information loss at the bounding areas.  

State-of-the-art post-processing software allows to obtain the highest quality diagnostic images.



High reliability and granted long life time

  • Electronic components including sensors are protected from direct x-ray impact by lead and lead glass
  • Short image acquisition procedure: less than 10 seconds between sensors powered on and switched off after acquisition. 1 year of DR work equals to 3 days sensors working time in video-surveillance systems
  • Intensifying screen with granted life time over 10 years and easy replaceable
  • No coolings
  • Robust housing designs