End-user software

dedicated PACS system to handle picture processing, picture storage, workflow based on integrated server functionality.

     o Windowing
     o Rotation
     o Zoom
     o magnifier
     o inversion
     o display shutter
     o Annotation
     o Measuring function




Job management

This unique digipaX feature is optimizing the workflow in the x-ray department. How this works:

1) At the entrance desk: registration of patient data:

At first all relevant patient data will be registered or taken over from an already ex-isting external database:

After registration the patient data are available at all connected workstations.

2) In the Doctors cabinet: creating an x-ray job (examination)

The physician is calling the patient from the database and is fixing one or more ex-aminations.

Necessary side information can be registered as well. After finishing this procedure, the job is stored at the Worklist server.

3) In the x-ray room: the x-ray tech performs the examination

The x-ray technician is calling the patient from the database and can see the pre-pared x-ray jobs.

After choosing the job and „clicking “ on start x-ray, the system is ready. DigipaX does set up the x-ray generator and the picture post-processing.

The x-ray generator is indicating the job and all related parameters, like kV, mAs and AEC automatically.

The x-ray technician puts the patient in the right position and press the exposure button


After about 10 sec the x-ray picture appears on the monitor. The effectively per-formed x-ray parameters (kV, mAs and DAP) are indicated as well.

The x-ray technician does evaluate the picture, is indicating the relevant part of the picture (manual cropping) and confirm the job.
After confirming the job, the x-ray exposure will be stored at image server and is available at all connected workstations. At the same time the job will be deleted from the Worklist server

4) Next patient…